MLB London Series: 2020 Teams Will Reportedly Be……

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When Will Major League Baseball (MLB) Announce the Matchup for the 2020 MLB London Series? MLB London Series: 2020 Teams Will Reportedly Be……

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MLB London Series: 2020 Teams Will Reportedly Be……

With the very first MLB London Series taking place a couple months from now, it appears that the league is narrowing down on which teams will travel to England in 2020.

The Associated Press and Chicago Tribune are reporting that the MLB is focusing on a divisional rivalry to take place in London. Those teams in the running are the following: Cubs vs. Cardinals and Nationals vs. Mets. The officials of the MLB London Series for 2020 discussions spoke with the Associated Press anonymously since those talks are not confirmed nor announced at the time of the report. The 2020 game would take place at the same venue as the 2019 edition-Olympic Stadium.

Based on those reports, those sources are likely leaning towards having the Cubs vs. Cardinals series become the main feature for MLB London Series 2020. The Cubs vs. Cardinals matchup would make perfect sense for the MLB in London since the 2019 edition showcases the Red Sox. Yankees rivalry. The England matchup is not the only international series to take place for MLB for 2020 as the league is looking at open the season in Japan and have games played in Puerto Rico and Mexico during the first half of the season.

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