Top 10 2019 MLB Managers on the Hot Seat

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Top 10 2019 MLB Managers on the Hot Seat: Which Managers Are Getting the Pink Slip? Who is Getting the Hottest Seat? Which Managers Are Safe?

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Top 10 2019 MLB Managers on the Hot Seat

Now that the 2018 World Series is over, now is the time to start speculating in terms of which managers will be on the hot seat. Even though 2019 Opening Day is around the corner, it’s never too early to evaluate each manager’s situation entering the new season. First, let’s reveal which managers appeared to be safe from the hot seat:

2019 Managers Who Are SAFE From the Hot Seat

Kevin Cash (Rays)

  • First 90-Win Season Since 2013; Fought for Wild Card Race Until the End of 2018

Brian Snitker (Braves)

  • First Division Title and Playoff Appearance Since 2013

Bob Melvin (Athletics)

  • First Playoff Appearance Since 2014

Now, let’s talk about the 2019 managers who could be let go by their respective teams. The rankings from 10-6 are the managers that have a warm seat for 2019. Meanwhile, the rankings from 6-1 describe the managers that have the hottest seat going into the 2019 campaign. Without further adieu, let’s reveal the hot seat managers for the upcoming season.

Top 10 2019 MLB Manager Who Could be Fired During the 2019 Season

Warm Seat (10-6)

10. Dave Martinez (Nationals)

  • Finished in 2nd Place in NL East in 2018
  • If Nationals Fail to Reach the Playoffs in 2019, Martinez Could be Let Go
  • Nationals Have Not Made the Playoffs Since 2017
  • Washington Has Not Advanced Past the Division Series Since Relocation From Montreal in 2005

9. Ron Gardenhire (Tigers)

  • No Playoff Appearances Since 2014
  • Finished in 3rd in AL Central in 2018

8. Terry Francona (Indians)

  • Team Has Not Won a Playoff Series Since Winning 2016 ALCS
  • In 2017 and 2018, the Indians Were Knocked out of the Division Series
  • If Indians Fail to Reach Deep Playoff Expectations in 2019, Francona Could be Let Go

7. Ned Yost (Royals)

  • Finished in Last Place in AL Central in 2018
  • Has Not Made the Playoffs Since Winning 2015 World Series

6. Clint Hurdle (Pirates)

  • No Playoff Appearance Since 2015
  • Finished in 4th Place in NL Central in 2018

Hot Seat (5-1)

5. Bruce Bochy (Giants)

  • Finished in 4th Place in NL West in 2018
  • Missed the Playoffs in Back-to-Back Season for the First Time Since 6-Season Drought From 2004 to 2009

4. Don Mattingly (Marlins)

  • 2nd Longest Active Playoff Drought in the MLB; Last Appearance Was in 2003
  • Finished Last in NL East in 2018

3. Rick Renteria (White Sox)

  • No playoff appearances since 2008
  • Team Has Not Accomplished a Winning Record Since 2012
  • Finished in 4th Place in AL West in 2018

2. Scott Servais (Mariners)

  • Team has longest active playoff drought in the majors, last appearance was in 2001
  • Team Traded Robinson Cano to Mets Prior to 2019 Season
  • Finished in 3rd Place in AL West in 2018

1. Andy Green (Padres)

  • Team has not made the postseason since 2006
  • Finished in Last Place in NL West in 2018

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