Who Is Sports Teller?


a different take on sports blogging

Sports-Teller is part blog, part news feed, part color commentator, and part hobby. It is ran and updated by an enthusiastic sports fan capable of answering just about any sports question on the spot!

With a passion in everything sports, Sports Teller sets out to redefine the common “sports blog” by incorporating sports news, facts, and updates together with videos and occasional bonus audio commentary for select posts. Now you can experience the passion through both written text, spoken word and videos, giving you unique options for receiving your sports news!

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Sports-Teller follows every sport and every team – not just his favorites

This gives an unbiased take on each article since his passion is based on the sport itself


Visiting numerous stadiums and arenas across the country

  • Almost half of all Major League Baseball stadiums
  • Numerous Basketball, Hockey, and Football stadiums
  • 100+ sporting events and talked with numerous players and broadcasters

Sports-Teller spends enough time and energy on blogging to be considered a full-time job

With multiple new articles every day, countless hours of researching, and watching the games themselves